The tournament is played in the round robin format and the 12 teams will be divided in two groups of six teams each. Matches consists of two halves of 20 minutes each, with a 3 min half-time and a 2 min change-over. After the round robin games, play-off matches will be played to determine position 1 to 12.

Points: Win= 3 points                      Draw=1                                    Lost=0

In each pool teams will be ranked according to the number of points each has accumulated in the competition. Penalty shoot-out will be used in play-off matches if two teams draw. Penalty shoot-out consists of 5 players taking 8 second show-downs.

If two teams end up with the same amount of points after the round robin, the following steps will be followed:
1. Number of games won
2. Goal difference
3. Goals scored
4. The result of the match between the two teams(if only the two teams are tied)
5. Penalty-Shoot-out

In the case of a match being suspended for unforeseen circumstances (power outage or weather) the following process will apply:
The technical committee will decide if there is time to fit in an extra match after the days last match.
If it is not possible to fit in an match the match will be decided on shootout basis at a suitable time decided by the technical committee.

Shootout rules:
– 1 outfield player vs the goalkeeper.
– 8 seconds to score.
– 5 players per team to be selected for the shootouts
– Best out of 5. If not decided after the first 5 it will go to sudden death. The 5 players selected by each team will go again.
– In case of a penalty stroke being awarded, any player of the team is eligible to take it.