Urgent Statement: Boys Finals 2019

The Tournament Organizing Committee (“TOC”) wishes to issue the following statement w.r.t. the Boys Hockey final: SACS Boys High (Default Team) made a decision to withdraw from the finals on their own accord. The TOC does not wish to express an opinion on the reason for their withdrawal. The TOC, therefore, had to make a decision on the finalist format. In this regard, we were guided by tournament rules. The TD was guided by the rule that states that the team who was supposed to have played the default team gets promoted to the final game of the tournament. The final decision was made by the Tournament Director (TD) who does have the mandate to do so. In this instance, the team that we promote was Paul Roos.

We wish to apologize to the players and/or teams that were disadvantaged with this decision in any way. The TOC’s only intention was to ensure the high quality of the current and future tournaments and promote sportsmanship. Any questions w.r.t. the tournament can be directed to the TD @ hokkie@paarlgim (Danelle van Zyl).